Trinity (GESE)

 3-12 years old        60mins (1-2 classes / week)          1:6

GESE  (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) exams are for people of all ages who want to develop communicative English language speaking and listening skills for use in real life. 

Children will be able to…

    • At Initial stage, the examiner uses visual materials to engage the candidate and create an authentic conversation to test their speaking and listening skills.

Programme Highlight

Grade 1
Exchanging greetings | Giving personal information, eg name, age | Identifying and naming items given in the lexical list below | Leave-taking

Grade 2
Indicating the position of people and objects | Describing people, animals, objects and places very simply | Stating simple facts | Informing about possessions | Asking very simple questions about personal details

Grade 3
Describing daily routines and times | Giving dates | Expressing ability and inability | Giving very simple directions and locations | Describing current activities of real people or those in pictures | Describing states in the past | Asking simple questions about everyday life